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Vaal Central Water Board, Management and staff congratulates Ms. Pemmy Majodina as the newly appointed Minister for Water and Sanitation and Mr. David Mahlobo and Mr. Isaac Seitlholo as the Deputy Ministers for Water and Sanitation in the 7th Government Administration. Welcome on board and looking forward to your sterling leadership.

Mr. David Mahlobo

Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation

Ms. Pemmy Majodina

Mininster of Water and Sanitation

Mr. Isaac Seitlholo

Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitations

Dam Levels

Allemskraal Dam
Gariep Dam
Groothoek Dam
Knellpoort Dam
Rustfontein Dam
Vaalharts Dam
Welbedacht Dam

*Dam levels are updated daily.

Bloem Water is now Vaal Central Water

The Entity is pleased to announce that, considering the recent change of name gazetted by the Minister of Water and Sanitation, it is undergoing rebranding, including a new logo and complete transformation into a new corporate identity and image. The goal is to demonstrate the Entity’s dedication in its extended areas by providing clean, safe, and reliable portable bulk water services in the Northern Cape and Free State.

Vaal Central Water wants to reassure its stakeholders that the quality and reliability of the services will remain unaffected while undergoing the rebranding process. The Entity is fully committed to delivering the same excellent service and maintaining the expected water management standards.

All the necessary touchpoints will be updated, including the communications platforms, website, and signage with the new corporate image. Phone numbers and email addresses will remain unchanged, ensuring uninterrupted communication with the valued stakeholders.

Email for questions can be sent to: or telephone: (051) 403 0800 or Facebook page: Bloem Water


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Vaal Central Water

Vaal Central Water is a State-owned Entity, categorized as a Schedule 3B, National Government Enterprise, established in terms of the Water Services Act No.108 of 1997 and Public Finance Management Act No. 1 of 1999 as amended. Since establishment, the Entity has grown to the Free State and Northern Cape areas previously serviced by the former Sedibeng Water after incorporation with Bloem Water from August 2022. Its customer base the following Municipalities: Mangaung Metropolitan, Mantsopa, Kopanong, Matjhabeng, Nala, Nama Khoi, Khai-Ma, Dikgatlong, Tsantsabane, Joe Morolong, Phokwane, Gamagara and Ga-Segonyana Local Municipalities, a total of twenty-six (26) Mines in both the Free State and Northern Cape Provinces, Six (6) solar generation plants in the Northern Cape, Kalahari East Water Users Association in the Northern Cape and other stakeholders that cannot be serviced by Municipalities within the area of service for the Entity.

Vaal Central Water supplies water to a wide array of regions across South Africa, utilizing various sources and infrastructure. The service area includes communities dependent on the Orange River, such as Philippolis, Gariep, and Bethulie, where water is pumped from locations like Raft, Tolhuis, and Hennie Steyn SAR. Further north, towns like Jagersfontein and Fauriesmith are served by sources like Kalkfontein Dam and boreholes. Moving into the Free State, Bloemfontein benefits from Welbedacht Dam and multiple reservoirs, while Thaba Nchu and surrounding villages rely on Groothoek and Rustfontein Dams. Additionally, the Northern Free State, Northern Cape, and parts of the Vaal River and Sand River regions receive water from facilities like Balkfontein and Virginia, ensuring a broad coverage of essential water supply across these diverse areas.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance: Ensuring Clean Water for All”

Water processing by Vaal Central Water adheres to stringent government regulations and hygiene standards to ensure the health and safety of consumers. As a regulatory requirement, Vaal Central Water complies with national and local guidelines governing water quality and safety. This involves regular testing and monitoring of raw and treated water to confirm that it meets specified standards for parameters such as bacteria levels, chemical content, and clarity.

Government regulations mandate that water treatment processes include effective disinfection methods to eliminate harmful microorganisms. Vaal Central Water uses chlorine, chloramine, or ozone as disinfectants, carefully dosing them to ensure that all pathogens are neutralized without compromising the water’s taste or safety.

Hygiene standards are upheld throughout the entire water processing journey. From intake and screening to final distribution, rigorous protocols are followed to prevent contamination and maintain cleanliness. This includes the use of closed systems and sanitary practices during handling and storage to minimize the risk of introducing pollutants into the water supply.

Additionally, Vaal Central Water adjusts the pH of treated water to prevent corrosion in distribution pipes, ensuring that the infrastructure remains intact and free from potential hazards that could compromise water quality.

Regular audits and inspections are conducted by regulatory authorities to verify compliance with these standards. Vaal Central Water collaborates closely with government agencies and health departments to implement best practices and respond promptly to any emerging water quality issues or public health concerns.

By adhering to these comprehensive regulations and hygiene standards, Vaal Central Water ensures that the water delivered to homes, businesses, and industries is safe, clean, and reliable. This commitment not only supports public health but also contributes to sustainable development goals by providing access to essential services that promote community well-being and economic growth.