Primary services

  • Bulk and retail water supply
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Refurbishment of wastewater treatment works and boreholes

Secondary services

  • Implementing Agent for projects manged on behalf of Department of Water and Sanitation
  • Provide management services, training and other support services to water institutions, in order to promote cooperation in the provision of water services.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Maintain constructive relationships with internal and external stakeholders (stakeholder management)
  • Job creation.

Bulk water analysis

To ensure that the customers are supplied with portable water, the Entity’s Water Treatment Plants in all the regions supply water that is measured and conforms to the SANS 241:2015. The standard specifies the quality of acceptable drinking water defined in terms of microbiological, physical, aesthetic and chemical determinants at the point of delivery. The continuing partnership between the Entity and the University of the Free State laboratory provides an independent assurance on the water quality to stakeholders.