Strategic overview

The Board annually holds a strategic planning session to review and assess the strategic position  of the Entity to align with the current challenges going forward. The review also includes evaluation of performance on the previous year Business Plan together with the Shareholder Compact.


Assuring sustainable and reliable quality of water services, for life!


To create a leading, value-driven, effective, and responsive water services Institution adapting best practice methods in anticipating tomorrow’s challenges today.


Vaal Central Water commits itself to the following values that guide and direct all interactions with internal and external stakeholders:

  • Ethical
  • Respect
  • Integrity, People Centred/Centric
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency and Openness
  • Equality/Equitably

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Plan, develop, operate, and maintain infrastructure to ensure sustainable water service delivery.
  • Manage and optimise financial affairs to meet current and future obligations.
  • Secure the supply and quality of raw water resources.
  • Achieve an aligned, effective, and efficient institution through optimisation of all business processes and systems.
  • Engage and strengthen strategic partnerships with all relevant stakeholders.

Vaal Central Water Strategies

  • Aligned the Entity’s operational plans with the IDP of the Municipalities, which included meeting the infrastructure plans in line with Reconciliation Study to meet the stated 2030 water demands and supply in the service areas.
  • Ensured continuation of good Preventative Maintenance strategies/plans to mitigate the ageing infrastructure challenges.
  • Pursued optimal funding solutions to cater for future demand.
  • Prioritised budgets within the constraints of affordable tariffs.
  • Initiated the River Health Programme in partnership with Stakeholders to address the ever-increasing pollution in the catchments.
  • Engaged stakeholders and created awareness for Water Resources management and conservation.