Completed projects

New pipeline from Trompsburg to Botshabelo

The Rustfontein to Lesaka 15km, 700mm ductile Iron pipeline, parallel to the existing 600mm steel pipeline is undergoing testing stages. The project will increase the water supply to the following towns: Botshabelo, Thaba Nchu and Excelsior. The project benefited the community through job creation.

Modder river: 63mm Ratabane pipeline installation

This project was identified because of water shortage at Ratabane and Paradys Villages. The existing pipeline of 75mm diameter stretches from the take-off from the Northern Main Pipeline to Ratabane Village. This was not enough to supply the Ratabane and Paradys Villages; therefore, to augment water supply to the two villages, a 63mm diameter pipeline was installed parallel to the existing pipeline to Ratabane Village. The project benefits the local communities through increased economic activities and job creation, improved water supply to the villages, minimized vandalism and increased revenue for Vaal Central Water.

Raw water pipeline cathodic protection

It was identified that the steel raw water pipeline at Welbedacht Water Treatment Works needed cathodic protection to prevent the pipeline from corroding. The project will repair the pipe coating, prevent the corrosion of the pipeline and extend the lifespan thereof.

Construction of the 33km Welbedacht steel pipeline

The construction commenced in 2017 for a 33.7km, 1000mm diameter Steel pipeline parallel to the existing 1.2-meter Welbedacht Prestressed Concrete Pipeline (PCP) mainline. This line has been in operation for the past 45 years and therefore reached its design lifespan. The duration of the project is 24 months and it will increase the capacity to the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality and enhance water supply. Construction of the project is progressing in line with the programme. The community benefits from job creation and increased economic activities.

Construction of the 13km long, 250mm diameter Dewetsdorp pipeline

This project is intended to ensure the supply of water to Dewetsdorp community and to secure future water demand. The construction started in January 2018 and the expected completion date is November 2018. The community will benefit through local job creation.

The Trompsburg water supply municipal water infrastructure grant (MWIG)

The project will increase the water storage capacity for the community of Trompsburg and supply water to the newly constructed regional Albert Nzula Hospital. The Construction of the 3Ml/day reservoir is at sealing stage and the pipe connections have been installed. The construction progress is at 90% of completion. Local communities benefited in terms of job creation, increased water supply and improved storage/water supply to the town and hospital.

Recently completed projects

Vaal Central Water from its Five (5) Year  Capex Programme, at the end of each financial year reports on completed projects that are either multiyear (spans more than a year ) or one-year. Projects which were completed in the 2021/22 financial year are detailed below. 

Upgrade of Vaal Central Water’s instrumentation network

The completion of the Upgrade of Vaal Central Water Instrumentation Network has positive spin off as the old analog equipment which was obsolete in the outstations had been successfully upgraded to the new digital equipment. This ensures the real time monitoring of the Reservoir levels, the pump stations and reduced the response time and avoid water losses.  

Design and tender documentation for an additional pipeline to Dewetsdorp resevoir

The augmentation of water supply into the town of Dewetsdorp within the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality to ensure the peak water demand challenges is addressed specifically with regards to the high lying areas.

New pipeline from Rustfontein to Botshabelo

The project has contributed to an increase in water supply in the Mangaung Metropolitan areas in line with the bucket eradication programme in Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu. 

Caledon river region: Equipping of the workshop for pipeline reaction team

The workshop assists with the manufacturing of the required pipeline components for the immediate repair and maintenance of the aged pipeline and related infrastructure within a short turn around period.

Welbedacht: Automation of Novo pump station

The increased reliability of the raw water supply to ensure the security of supply in the Mangaung Metropolitan and Mantsopa Local Municipality from the Knellpoort Storage Dam into the  Rustfontein Dam. The raw water is further transferred to the Maselspoort Dam operated by the Metro.